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飯店常見問題集 Q&A of Caesar Metro Taipei

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抵達與離開飯店 Arrival & Departure  (點選問題就會顯示答案)

1. 飯店標準的入住與退房時間?
What is the standard time of check in and check out?


2. 有提早入住或延遲退房的服務嗎?
Can I use the early check in or late check out service?



3. 若提早抵達飯店或退房後,可以先存放行李嗎?
Can I keep my luggage before check in or after check out?
4. 若我使用信用卡預授權押金,什麼時候會取消?
How long does it take for credit card deposit authorization cancellation?
5. 入住飯店前,飯店可以代收信件包裹嗎?
Can I send the parcel to concierge before arriving at hotel?
6. 飯店有地方可以兌換外幣嗎?
Can I get currency exchange in the hotel?

客房訊息 Guest Room Info (點選問題就會顯示答案)

1. 請問吹風機在哪裡?
Where is the hair dryer?
2. 請問保險箱在哪裡?
Where is the safety box?
3. 房間內有沒有轉接頭?
Is there the plug adapter in guest room?
4. 電源總開關在哪?
Where is the master switch?
5. 如何連接wifi?
How to connect wifi?
6. 房間內可以抽菸嗎?
Can I smoke in guest room?
7. 房間內有提供水果刀嗎?
Is there the fruit knife in the guest room?
8. 客房內哪些需收費?
What service needs extra payment?
9. 外線電話收費標準? 如何撥打外線電話?
How much to dial outside line? How to dial the outside line?
10. 備品是否可帶走? 如 浴袍、浴衣、馬克杯
Can I take the amenity away? Ex. Bathrobe, Yukata, mug.
11. 衛生紙可以沖馬桶嗎?
Can I drop away the toilet paper in the toilet bowl?
12. 有沒有加床的服務?房間內的床可以合併嗎?
Is there any extra rollaway bed service in room? Can I put together two single beds?
13. 要怎麼使用客房餐飲服務?
How to use in- room dining service?
14. 有提供嬰兒床及相關用品嗎?
Can I request the baby cot and other baby amenity?
15. 客房的佔床規定?
What is the rule of bed occupied?


餐飲服務 Dining Service (點選問題就會顯示答案)

1. 入住期間飯店內的餐飲有提供折扣嗎?
Can I get dining discount during the stay?
2. 開車來飯店用餐,需要付停車費嗎?
Should I pay the parking fee while dining in the hotel?





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